Mar 29, 2004 · You may have 3.07 or 3.54 also both came stock. I would look for the tag on the front axle. I could not find one on my rear. There are also 2 other ways to find out. I Just went through this with my axles. If you have an open diff the first didn't work for me, but with my new axle with a locker it did. turn the tire and count rotations of the ...
If you lay on your back and bring you knee to your chest without moving your back - and pain occurs in the front or back of your hip - that would indicate a hip origin. If you stand and bend forwards, backwards, side to side, and your pain is reproduced - its most likely coming from your spine or pelvis.
Assuming we're talking about a rear-wheel-drive car (or truck here), a leak in one of the rear axle seals is letting out gear oil that should be kept in the In the short term, the leaking oil will contaminate your rear brakes. Actually, since only one seal usually goes bad at a time, it will contaminate the brakes on...That will help a very small amount, but not much. You can't really do anything to improve the diff' internals without replacing parts. I have always used anti-seize on the axle stubs and sockets. I know you're problem is the opposite, but several members have experienced problems getting the axles out of the diff' socket.
Step 2 – Install new rear bearings. Clean the axle splines, and slip the new hub assembly onto the axle. Install the four bolts that hold the hub to the knuckle and torque to 73 ft-lbs. Put the nut back on the axle and torque to 180 ft-lbs, then stake the lock with a hammer and punch. Reinstall the dust cap.
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